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National Pest Alert -The Spotted Lanternfly

With the invasive spotted lanternfly damaging local trees and grape vines, Edwards Landscape has 3 trained technicians specializing in these unwanted visitors.  The Edwards Landscape and Nursery Spotted Lanternfly Control Package includes a 4-step application to the trunk of the tree as well as a deep root system insecticide to the drip line of the tree that is performed in the fall.

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The spotted lanternfly is an invasive sap-feeding planthopper, first discovered in the United States in Berks County, PA in 2014.  The tree of heaven is an important plant host, however, the spotted lanternfly is known to feed on a wide range of hosts including wild and cultivated grapes, stone fruits, willow, and various hardwoods. 

In Pennsylvania, the first nymphs hatch in late April to early May - they are black with white spots and appear "tick-like."  Adult lanternflies (see above photo) begin to appear in mid-July and migrate to the tree of heaven or other hosts and form large congregations. 

Females lay eggs from late September through October.  Eggs are deposited on tree trunks, limbs, and loose bark as well as any smooth surface, including stone, vehicles, trash barrels, outdoor furniture, and other man-made structures.

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