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Lawn Care Services:

Edwards Landscape & Nursery's lawn program provides weed control, crabgrass control, proper fertilizer, and insect control to keep your turf as healthy as possible. Teaming up with the property owner to continue proper mowing and watering habits, we can help create an amazing looking lawn.

Turf Program

Round 1: Pre-emergent Crabgrass and Early Spring Fertilizer Application - Pre-emergent control that will prevent crabgrass seeds from developing into full size plants later in the year.

Round 2: Broadleaf Weed Control and Fertilizer Application - Fertilizers with the proper blend of micronutrients designed to give your lawn everything it needs to keep it looking great. Broadleaf weed control along with a thick turf area will keep weeds down to a minimum and prevent further germination.

Round 3: Grub/Insecticide and Fertilizer Application - Season-long control for damaging turf insects such as grubs.

Round 4: Broadleaf Weed Control/Fertilizer Application - The proper blend of fertilizer for this time of the season, along with weed control to clean up any pesky weeds that still exist in the turf area.

Round 5: Winterizer Fertilizer Application - Final blend of fertilizer to put turf to sleep, while building up the root system of the plants for a quick green-up in spring.

Optional Services

Limestone Application - Neutralizing the soil's acidity to allow it to use fertilizer more efficiently.



Core Aeration - Beneficial to improve the root system and the health and vigor of the grass plant. This reduces compaction of the soil, allowing more water, air, and nutrients to percolate and penetrate the root system.

Over Seeding - Uses special blends of grass seed that will allow your turf to fill in areas that might be thin or drought stressed.

Slit Seeding - Involves agitating the soil approximately ¾" deep, then dropping seed into the agitated soil area. It creates good soil to seed contact, aiding in better germination.

Flea & Tick Applications - This granular flea and tick application will allow you and your pets to rest easier this season by keeping unwanted pests and insects out of your home and lawn.

Mosquito Application - Treat lawn and garden areas several times per season to greatly reduce mosquito populations

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