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Tree & Shrub Care:

Edwards Landscape & Nursery's full service Ornamental and Shade Tree applications are environmentally safe and developed around the IPM or Integrated Pest Management philosophy, which means that we will treat only the plants that are affected by insects or disease, or that have a history of problems which might occur during the growing season. This methodology is encouraged by Penn State University as well as many other universities studying horticultural practices. While we continue to perform spring programs, at Edwards Landscape & Nursery, we believe in making you, the customer, aware of other practices you can follow, such as fertilization, proper pruning, and mulching, which are all great options to keep your plants healthy.

Horticultural Oil Application – This is a dormant season tree and shrub application. This service starts the year off on the correct path for your landscape. Any over wintering pests will be eliminated with a suffocating application of oil.

Early Spring General Insecticide– Applications at this time set-up your plants for season-long control. Disease controls plus insect controls are a must for certain plants to remain healthy in your landscape.

Spring General Insecticide/Miticide – Spring applications are designed to control a broad spectrum of damaging pests that can leave your plants looking out of place for the entire growing season. Our foliar applications allow your landscape to continue on a healthy path toward the warm summer months.

Summer General Insecticide/Miticide – Bring on the warm temperatures and with that, a whole new set of pests arrive looking to make your landscape investment their home. Our tree experts will target problems at this time and apply foliar sprays to control these pests.

Fall General Insecticide – As temperatures remain warm in August and September, certain pest activity is still continuing during this time. Late season sprays remain beneficial to your plants, so they do not enter the fall season in a weakened condition.

Deep Tine Fertilization – Using a slow release liquid fertilizer, this service adds life and vigor to your plants by getting the fertilizer right to the roots for quick results.

Additional Services:

Ground Injection Insecticide – This is an environmentally safe way to treat large trees in your landscape for season-long control with no spraying involved.

Disease Controls – We provide minimum to full programs offered to prevent or control damage to certain plants in your landscape.

Spotted Lanternfly Control - The season long foliar sprays will add a level of protection to your trees and landscape. 

Miticides – Mites during warm months cause excessive damage to certain plants. Mites will have many generations during the summer months, and our services will control them to keep damage to a minimum.

Tree Pruning – Edwards Landscape & Nursery offers tree pruning services to keep your landscape healthy and looking its best.

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